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1976 - 2016

40 Years of Exile

40 Years of Moroccan Occupation

Western Sahara - Referendum now!

The Swiss Support Committees for the Saharawi have launched a Petition to the UN Security Council to require the immediate organisation of a referendum on self-determination in Western Sahara and call for worldwide support for this petition. It’s time to find a solution to the conflict in Western Sahara.

Sign the Petition and disseminate it as widely as possible!

Campaign for signing the petition: 1 January 2016 - 15 August 2016 end of 2016.

The Saharawi must at last be able to exercise their right to self-determination.

Elisabeth Bäschlin
SUKS / Schweiz. Unterstützungskomitee für die Sahraouis
Postfach CH-3001 Bern
Berthier Perregaux
Comité suisse de soutien au peuple sahraoui
Vauroux 2, CH-2022 Bevaix

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